Monday, January 9, 2012


husband and i are moving.
not houses, just bedrooms. we're picking up shop and moving our master bedroom across the hall. our house is old so it doesn't have a 'true' mb in our modern terms. we just felt it's time for a change so we're moving!

time to start fresh. we're leaving the decor in our old room for the guests.
yay! i have so many ideas, this part of the game is always hard for me... i can't ever decide which direction to go. the walls are already painted a darker gray-beige-brown.

that's all i've decided i want. bright spots of color.
thinking lavender lamps.
white bedding.
and then, that's all the decisions i've made.

using these images above to help me along.
i'll keep ya posted.


{images via amber interiors, full house, pinterest, domino, amber interiors, design*sponge, rue magazine}

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