Wednesday, January 4, 2012

oldie but goodie

last night i had a moment to read the new house beautiful.
first, that was one of the better magazines i've seen in months. good good good. pick it up.

second, which this is one of my favorite things that they do-- the makeover in day series, was with peter dunham. and it was fantastic!

the makeover was done on a great room in a cali bungalow. the owner works, lives, plays and eats in this room. these before and afters were the best i could get from house beautiful. see the full online bit here.



great colors. navy on the chair. bright red on the lamp. golden delicious curtains. plenty of neutrals. and then the fig leaf (peter dunham) fabric skirting the old dining table.

i love this. i have always loved this fabric but this application is most definitely my favorite.
it technically doesn't "go" with anything in the room. but it goes.

and that's my jam.

today, this is the best fabric in the world.

here's another application that does it for me.
another peter dunham design.
again, i like it better when it doesn't quote "go" with whats around it.

its a perfect patterned textural neutral.

goes with anything.

it's an oldie but goodie. been around for years.
and i still love it.


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