Wednesday, March 6, 2013

creamy pink.

last night there was nothing on tv and i was kinda bored.
there were things i should have been doing but nothing that i wanted to do.
so i picked an old domino out of the stack and revisited.

inside was the office of ines de la fressange, and it's always been a favorite...
even back when i never would have dared throw pink on my walls.
especially not a pink this vivid. vivid yet creamy.

she's daring. and bold.
and french. and perhaps that makes it even better?
(you can read more here)

i love it so much.
and it made me remember this:

just the prettiest of all time.
blogged about it here not long ago.
but that creamy pink color just slays me.
seriously, right there where it's cut, why does it have this affect on me?
i just need to make it myself.

(via barnsley house)

and while we're on the subject, i'd eat it right here in my pool pond house.
it's just so beautiful, too.

i wasn't ever pink's biggest fan.
i liked it i guess, but my 'favorite color' was always orange.
i had 4 brothers and we played in dirt. i was never a very girly girl.
now, as i'm almost 30, pink is settling in...
in my favorites list, in my home, on my blog, in my mind.

but  happy creamy pink wednesday.


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