Thursday, February 3, 2011

my bathroom project...

ok- so here it goes. my first reveal of a home makeover project.
i know i promised that once i finished the stripes in the bathroom i would share the end result with readers.

it took a bit longer than anticipated as the project wasn't so easy. after taping the walls off and letting the paint dry i pulled the tape down to find my paint had seeped...our plaster walls are textured, uneven and by no means smooth.

once the smoke stopped coming out of my ears, the tears of frustration had dried, and the half finished project sat for a week i found the patience to brainstorm a way to fix this. my husband suggested starting over which was not an option at this point :) i was committed.

i love the look of the stripes with the black and white photos. the deco feel in our 30's apartment.

i want to continue to add more photos and cover the walls with frames, but this is good start.

what do you think?! be nice :)


{sorry for the dark photos- we haven't seen the sun in days}

i was able to go back with white paint and touch up the stripes by hand with a small brush. a bit time consuming, and not exact...but i think it turned out just fine.


  1. Nice work! That turned out great!

  2. Elle-I love it! I have done stripes and feel your pain. I have been meaning to tell you and Jill that your blog makes me want to be that person who lives in those spaces and wears those clothes. Alas, I am not that person, but am inspired to make the small changes that get me closer to it while living in the wonderful reality that is my life. Vickie L.

  3. Elle, great job! I would use caution on hanging photos that mean alot to you in a bathroom, over time the moisture will damage them if you don't have a really good fan in there. Helen

  4. i LOVE LOVE LOVE it, friend! great job :)

  5. Totally Love it Elle ;) I painted my apartment last year and know all about seepage under the tape. Super frustrated...but the outcome looks fabulous!

  6. Wow! That is such a bold choice, but it turned out great. You have really inspired me to take more style risks! Thanks!

  7. elle, I absolutely love this look. I really love the look of everything you decorate and wish I could be more like you in that sense. The ONLY reason why I am glad we live in different places sometimes is so I can steal your fabulous ideas!
    so, now I have a decoration question for you! So our dining room is an orange rust color (the exact color is from their suede line- Ranchitos Red RL Number: SU94). Our ceiling needs some work and I am considering painting it a color vs just white. What are your thoughts?!? My initial instinct is to do some form of blue or grey because I think that would be a good compliment. I love the ceiling in one of my new favorite ny spots you introduced me to.. L'Artusi!

  8. Of course Grey said start over. haha. I think it looks fantastic! Seriously. Now about that mirror? haha.

  9. It looks awesome! Love the black and white stripes and all the artwork and how it's arranged!

  10. thanks for the nice comments! glad you like it!!

    Helen- totally understand the concern about the steam. very good point! these photos were sitting in a drawer before with no hope of a future so i think we should be ok :)

    Christina- love the idea of a painted ceiling, and according to my mom Rust is a hot color for 2011 :) I agree a blueish grey would look fabulous...and incorporating gold would add fun warmth and shine. Yes- L'artusi has a great ceiling!!

    Sarah- i know the mirror def still needs attention :) baby steps!!

  11. Wow, this looks awesome! Great job.