Tuesday, February 15, 2011

gold overhead

this image has been in my inspiration files forever for a number of reasons- the wall color, the jade green, the black curtains with the gray walls, the dining chairs with white upholstery and gray arms...but the biggest is the ceiling. that gold ceiling gives this room an added feeling of luxury. and with that crystal chandelier...how divine :)

a friend recently asked about a painted ceiling and i immediately thought of gold.

here are a few more inspiring rooms with painted gold ceilings. hmm...where could this be added in my place?!

{images via house beautiful, thelenoxx, mofattballie, developing designs}



  1. I was just reading the other day about how the ceiling makes up a huge percentage of the room and how you should never leave it unpainted. Interesting idea...

  2. very interesting. i will say it can make the ceiling feel much lower so you have to be careful, but with lighter colors i think it is a fun additional spice of color. thanks for sharing!!