Wednesday, February 9, 2011

scotch on the rocks

it is all about efficient use of space here in ny. the constant challenge is how to fit everything you want/need in your teeny apartment without letting things look cluttered and over crowded. as my husband and i are hibernating and taking advantage of the bitter temperatures by staying inside we have focused our attention on a few apartment projects. as a little reminder we rent our apartment so we aren't doing any demolition- more facelifts. small things that make a big difference and allow a rented apartment to feel more like a home.

the most recent has been adding open shelving in our living room along one small wall where we used to have a cheapy wine rack from our old apartment. the wine rack definitely did the trick before, but in the new space it hung over the wall about 2 inches making things look cluttered and sloppy.

taking some inspiration from these open shelves with brackets we ordered our own iron brackets online and purchased precut shelves from home depot (yes, i wish i could have found some great salvaged wood to use for the shelves) and began our "bar area". we were able to use our higher ceilings in the livingroom to our advantage by making the shelves go all the way up the wall...more storage for wine glasses, champagne flutes, and fun vintage finds along with a nice selection of good scotch (that is my husband, not me). at least we are both happy :) pictures of the finished project to come!!



  1. Hey Elle! I just wanted to drop you a note to say it was niceto meet you yesterday. Your site is really lovely!!

    I'll be back :)


  2. Thanks, Amy!! So wonderful to meet you :) Have fun at IFB tomorrow!!