Friday, February 18, 2011

day after photos

remember when i said that i wish i could marry my husband over and over again? to get the opportunity to use all the cool things i find, and execute all the great ideas i see, in a million different ways.

well. here's another reason why:

it's a 'day after' session of a lovely couple named kat and chris, who were married on anguilla the day before.

the photographers were the insanely talented duo who make up unusually fine photography.

#1-- i wish would have gotten married on an island. i suggested it but my dad gently said veto.

i'm one of 5 children, the rest boys, and he and my mom said they wanted to throw a big party here... so i said sure. i like big parties. and i did love my wedding! no regrets. except that there wasn't an ocean ;)

#2-- i wish i would have done a day after session with my photographers. it's becoming the cool thing to do now. your dress is already dirty and needs to be sent to the cleaners... so why not wear it one more time around town and take some fantastic photos? you're glowing from the whole "i just got married" thing and probably couldn't be happier... it's only logical.

another perk: you can wear chunky jewels... or boots... or a bright colored belt with your dress that you wouldn't dream of wearing on your actual wedding day. you know, funk it up a bit. wear your hair in a ponytail-- go crazy.

and then you'll have images to cherish, such as these. for the rest of your days.

first she started out in her dress, he in his wedding ensemble.

then she changed into something a little more comfy.

too perfect, right?

if you aren't married yet, keep this in your back pocket.
and, if you are looking for a photographer to travel to anguilla with you, i could be your girl :)

happy friday!


go here to see more, more of their wedding and more of the day after-- all stunning.

and thanks to unusually fine for letting me share.


  1. what a fun idea, jill! i had visions of a beach getaway wedding too! can't beat tan feet on your wedding day :) maybe next time (you know in the dream weddings i seem to put together)...happy weekend! xoxo elle

  2. Love it Jill!!!! Cant wait for you to do this for us!!!