Thursday, February 10, 2011

pardon my drool

elle, i cannot wait to see your new shelves. that corner will look fab :) i think i need another visit soon, with all these changes!!

now friends, one of elle's inspiration photos yesterday was from one of my MOST favorite houses i have ever seen. seriously. its like, fantastic.

i have had these images saved for months and months, before elle and i even decided we wanted to make a little blog! so why am i saving them all for myself? not sure. but she prompted me to share them. i bet lots of you have already seen em because they were all over blog land, but they are kinda cool enough to share again... and then there are those of you for whom these will be never before seen!

i found them at design*sponge, in one of their sneak peeks, last march. you should go here and read more about the couple, crazy artistic.

i'll stop with the typing and just let you see for yourself:

most of the wood elements were made by the couple who lives here, fitzhugh karol and lyndsey caleo of the brooklyn home company. even more perfect than if it was all purchased.

even the pup is adorable :)

the light is nuts in this space. the colors and wood tones, also nuts. there really isn't a bad word that can be said for such a beautiful (and spacious for ny!) home.

i hope you all enjoy it too.



  1. I love the wood stump tables in front of the couch! what an awesome idea

  2. couldn't agree more, rachel! now how to find a tree that large, without having to cut down the one in my backyard ;)