Thursday, February 24, 2011

before and after goodies

if you are anything like me, you live for a good before and after. i have one to share!

it's not mine. it's from the petersik's over at young house love. they did their guest room in a week. from start to finish. and most of it in the last 2 days.

if you don't know this couple yet, i recommend stopping by. they are the very first blog i ever started reading. and their previous (first) house is pretty darn similar to mine. there's alot of things done on a budget and even more diy. sounds familiar ;)
anyway-- back to their transformation:

cute right? they say there are more things to be done, and i'm excited to see. the colors are fab. their old house was alot of white and cream and lighter colors so i'm loving their new direction- a bit more bold and playful.

go here to see more. they give the full breakdown, as usual. they don't keep any secrets in where things come from and how much they cost.


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