Wednesday, February 16, 2011

make mouthwash pretty

when i travel, i like to bring back "souvenirs" that aren't actually souvenirs but something for my home that i purchased while away. when in paris last summer, i probably bought to many somethings for my home, but my fave purchase was a crystal decanter from the marche aux puces de clignancourt flea market (worthy of multiple blog posts all on its own).

we have a silver tray on our front table where we keep some decanters we got from our wedding and others i have purchased from the good will and various antiques stores. my husband asked if that is where we were going to put it, but i had a better idea. i thought it'd be more fun in our bathroom with mouthwash, a la something eddie ross would do.

so we brought it home and a few months later i see this in lonny:

see how pretty it is?

well i never got around to actually putting mouthwash into my paris decanter because it was hard to clean... so it sits on the window sill in my kitchen, empty. but still loved.

i recently learned that lead crystal decanters can actually leach lead of dangerous levels into the liquids stored! you can read more about that here. basically the longer it sits, the more that is leached. not good in any way, especially for kids and preggo ladies.

and that's too bad because there are super cheap options that can be found on etsy and ebay for storing all kinds of mouthwash and scotch.

etsy via rhapsodyattic

etsy via hoolahoopvintage


but! there is a solution for pretty mouthwash (and scotch) sans lead:
glass decanters.

sure they aren't as sparkly but i'll take a tiny bit less sparkle for alot less lead any day.

here are some fab options from big box stores (read easy to find and easy to buy):

providence decanter from zgallerie

i'm loving the crest, instant heirloom.

kair decanter from crate and barrel

a cleaner look than cut glass or crystal, but still far from boring-- thank you, bubbles.

bohemian decanter with lovely details, from pottery barn, for her.

(almost looks like the real deal)

and this super masculine square decanter also from pottery barn, for him.

home goods also carries lots of options, just be careful to get the lead-free glass :)

now pick your favorite color:

...and have a prettier bathroom.


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