Wednesday, February 16, 2011

this salad has changed my life.

i don't want to be selfish and save it all for myself! i left it in the comments section the other day for our friend, christina. verdict is in: she liked it as much as i do ;)
so, i thought it deserved more attention.

it's ina garten's greek panzanella salad. de.lic.ious. and it's healthy to boot.

you can find the recipe right here.

my one suggestion, since there is only 2 of us and it makes a big bowl, i keep my bread separate and add it in when i eat it. that way when i make it for dinner and then eat it again at lunch, i'll avoid soggy bread. because, who likes soggy bread?



  1. This looks fabulous! I love these lighter recipes now that the weather is finally warming up!

  2. soggy bread? that is what Panzanella is all about! The bread (ideally stale and stiff, not unlike croutons) absorbs the juices of the tomatoes,etc. it is a peasant salad...derived from the need to re-use stale fondue,etc

  3. I made it last night. YUM! Loved. Loved. Loved.