Thursday, January 6, 2011

appreciating our roots

as i mentioned in my new years post i have several apartment projects i can't wait to get finished with the new year. one of them is completing the bathroom off of our bedroom. keep in mind our apartment was built in the 30's, we live in new york city, and we don't own this doesn't involve anything more than a creative paint job and hanging some pictures. however, i have decided on black and white stripes about 2-3 inches wide. since this is not a place we will live forever i feel it is the perfect opportunity to be a little more fun/risky (not that stripes are totally out there) doing something that if i was living somewhere else i might fear is too trendy or not something i would like for a long time.

last time i was home my mom mentioned she had a stack of old family photos that she just didn't know what she was going to do with and asked if i had any ideas. i immediately thought of my bathroom.

i brought them back with me, went and purchased standard, inexpensive black frames in various sizes and have them all ready to add to my bathroom. i think the look of the black frames covering the black and white stripes in our petite bathroom will have a neat impact and is a daily reminder of where i come from. i hope to add photos from my husband's family as well. a fun and inexpensive way to add flavor to our home while appreciating our roots.

we'll see how our stripes turn out and share pictures soon :)

{images via j.crew collection store, blog branca, unknown, domino mag, sarah shift, elle decor}

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  1. good luck! i just posted a striped entryway this morning that i am absolutely in love with. do post photos!!

    p.s. how amazing is that copper bathtub? wow.