Monday, January 24, 2011

kentucky horse farm

for most of you this is old news, but it never hurts to revisit a friend. especially a good one.

this weekend i was sorting through the piles and piles of magazine tear outs as i attempted to give some rhyme or reason to the madness. i stumbled upon the home of mark badgley and james mischka. i guess home is quite an understatement. this 1920s stone house sits on 15 acres in lexington, kentucky. it is beautiful place.
actually i think it is perfect.

understated, warm, elegant, comfortable, masculine, and full of antiques and flea market finds. the kitchen is one that i revisit often not realizing it came from their home. of course it did!!

the story in elle decor can be read here. i always tell my husband i would love for us to find an old home on a farm to fix up (this is in my other dream life). i don't think this is quite what he has in mind...


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  1. Sigh... I am in LOVE. This is pretty much my dream home.