Wednesday, January 5, 2011

the french fizz

i found this thank-you written by marilyn monroe and couldn't keep it to myself :)

and yes, it's tasty but i think it's only my fave because of the iconic orange label.

it's always a fete with bubbly.

just in case you needed a little wednesday pick-me-up.


{images: martha stewart, veuve clicquot, design*sponge, papertastebuds}


  1. thank you for sharing Marilyn's letter!

  2. Love champagne... esp Veuve Clicquot! And I have been waiting for an occasion to gift some pink Pops :)

  3. Love the note, love the images, Happy New Year! I hope you got the Dunes and Duchess note I sent you with our champagne toast. It's on the blog too at
    I had a great, very short time in K.C. over Christmas. Next time I'm there longer let's get together!