Friday, December 31, 2010

ringing it in

with the last day of 2010 upon us i thought it was time to continue with jill's idea of what i would like to accomplish in the new year. some of the items are things i do already, but want to continue, some are things that i would like to edit as i am not at the level of consistency and devotion that i wish i was (many factors may have played into this so i don't want to blame myself or be disappointed, but rather start fresh in the new year making a conscious effort to be more aware), and some are new...

but first, i think it is important to reflect on 2010. take a look back at the year and be thankful for the events that did occur whether difficult or exciting, small or large and think about how those events, people, places, and ideas impacted each of us to grow ourselves. isn't that what living is all about? this year brought about lots of change in my life with the loss of two grandparents and a close family friend, the welcoming of a niece and nephew, the addition of a sister, a move to a new apartment, weddings and new babies for close friends, changes at work, exciting trips, and the addition of this new blog that has been such a blessing. an amazing place to share ideas with friends...a place to make new friends...and a wonderful outlet for creativity that has been graced with so much support. life is good, and i know that 2011 will bring about more excitement and change for each of you.

here are a few thoughts on things to hope to accomplish in 2010... on completing apartment projects and share them with readers. they include recovering a chair, painting and wallpapering the bathrooms, adding shelving to the livingroom to create a bar area, paint the guest room/office, add a few pieces of furniture and rugs, finish outstanding paint projects…i could go on but i am starting to get overwhelmed :)
...continue to explore and learn and share inspiring, relevant and fresh ideas with readers
...take time to reflect on myself, what I aspire to be and how I want to grow towards that goal
...stay connected with friends both in new york city and across the country through more phone calls, emails, text messages, visits, and coffee dates
...make more consistent time for exercise and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. craig at nyhrc is my hero. If you haven’t made it to arms/abs/assets you must try it out. he kicks butt more consistent in serving the community and helping those who are less fortunate
...enjoy my amazing husband and find time to be together continuing to be a team, best friends, and a support system to each other.
..try new recipes, read more books, host fun parties, make new friends, and enjoy all the lovely things life has to offer
be safe this evening, and have a happy new year!!
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