Thursday, December 23, 2010

heading back

we get back just in time to celebrate christmas with our family. what a wonderful end to an amazing vacation! it is always fun to experience a new place and have some adventure together along the way...although it doesn't always seem fun at the time. things went smoothly with just a few hiccups. argentina is a beautiful country and we got just a big enough taste to want to come back for the rest. maybe we can convince a few others to join next round...

via house beautiful

nate berkus via elle decor

jenna lyons home

house beautiful

pottery barn

matthew patrick smyth via elle decor

pottery barn

eric bergere via marie claire

after 3 plane rides in the past 15 hours (mendoza-santiago-dallas-kc) what i really need is a good soak in one of time for that. off to do the last of the shopping.


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