Tuesday, December 14, 2010

vintage ski posters

in college, elle and i lived in a giant sorority house that was completely remodeled the year before we moved in. one big room that wasn't redone was where we watched tv and held chapter on monday nights.

that tv room had sort of a ski lodge effect going on... there were plaid couches, navy carpet and leather chairs, with wood paneling on the walls. it sounds kind of atrocious but it actually wasn't that bad! it was pretty in it's own way. since then, they have redone that room (gorgeous), but i will always remember the way it looked when i lived there.

my favorite part was a vintage ski poster that hung on the wall. loved. it looked very similar to the ones above. my post from earlier made me start longing for a ski vacation in the alps, and through some other google searches, i ended up with these and the memory of my old sorority house :)

aren't they beautiful? but now you see how my mind can go from one thing and lead me to a complete other ;)


{all images from allposters}

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