Wednesday, December 29, 2010

survival kit

as my husband and i were making the trek back to nyc a few days ago we were checking the road conditions and weather report to prepare ourselves for what we had in store. lets just say it wasn't good- the severe weather report mentioned that if you must to be on the roads be sure to have a winter survival kit with you. we did not have that...but we made it back safely. thank goodness. as i stare out the window this morning at frustrated city goers trying to free their cars from the piles of brown snow hiding them, tromping through the deep puddles that have formed at the crosswalks, and hammering at the patches of ice on the sidewalks working to clear a path to their store fronts i am creating my own survival kit. one that requires staying put...and if you must go outside bundle up and make it quick.


{images via j.crew, anthropologie, nordstrom, michelle loewen photography, hunter, apartment therapy, free people, restoration hardware, and unknown}

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