Monday, August 2, 2010

drum roll please...

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i feel like we should pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate our first post! it has been something jill and i have been chatting about since march and to see it here is really exciting!

so, i am elle (of the jill and elle blog authors for the blue house) and to introduce ourselves and our new blog we thought it would be fun to answer a few questions to add color to who we are.

favorite color combination?

this is really tough. i think i have to answer that by saying my favorite color combo today is….because it is constantly changing! this season I just can’t seem to get enough pale soft rose pink with poppy and a blue turquoise. i love jade or teal with mustard and olive. I also love a bright pinky magenta with a pale aqua or baby blue. and anything with grey!

describe your home and personal style?

living in new york city “home” is a bit of a stretch ;) no, i love our place you just can’t keep your standards too high in this city. i have definitely learned to appreciate the little things like windows and natural light, even walls and dishwashers or bathrooms that aren’t right off the kitchen! my husband and i have a great 1930’s prewar apartment in the chelsea area that we moved into about 4 month ago. we have really tried to make it home! i love painting, hunting for furniture, and mixing new and old treasures to make it special and unique, expressing our style and where we are in our lives.

obsessing about right now?

I can’t wait to try on the new signature silk blouses by the line equipment. they are the perfect combination of flowy elegance and everyday comfort. the very thing to throw on with your favorite jeans and a cross body bag for afternoon errands or tucked in to a tailored pencil skirt with a sleek belt to impress that highbrow client.

what do u like about ur city?

i love the opportunities and experiences that are available everyday. i love the endless energy- whether it is the culture surrounding you as you walk down the street, or the laundry list of restaurants you never make it through, or the dynamic people you meet that want to listen to your story and share theirs. i love that the city is always teaching you, changing you, pushing you and tempting you…

fave restaurant right now or one u have been wanting to try?

hmm…that is a tough one. i always have an email draft of restaurants i am dying to go to in ny…both oldies and new ones. i really can’t say i have a favorite…i have loved my experiences at joseph leonard for brunch lately, and morandi for a great burrata with roasted tomato appetizer and a good red wine al fresco, and i can’t seem to go wrong with little owl or l’artusi for a good cozy vibe. a few off the laundry list to try are locanda verde, recette and fatty crab.

favorite item in your home and reason behind it…

i would have to say the framed naked woman sketch in our entry way. It is a black and white sketch that i found while cleaning out my grandmothers house. a friend of tutu (my grandmother) did it for her years ago, and i found the original draft (which my mom framed)…so now i have one too. i love the feel of it..very vintage glam. and against our black walls it really works!

how long have u and jill known each other?

we met about 8 years ago this month! we are so blessed to have become such amazing friends because we have realized over the years that no matter how far apart we are we still have SO much in common. we always pick up where we left off and love hearing about the other ones latest obsession from a table to a color to a plate or shirt or pattern- it never seems to gets old!

nail polish of the season?

oh gosh…lets see, a blush pink mani (maybe opi privacy please) and an orangy red for the toes- something like monsooner or later.

where do you want to go on your next vacation? realistic or not ;)

i have a list for that too! there are so many places…and just never enough time. here are my top three (ok four): greece, the south of france (actually paris too)- cote d'azur and provence…i also would love to see some of south America…Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru, and then there is always new zealand ;)

what was the last really memorable meal you had?

my husband and i drove to cape cod for the weekend at the end of june, and we stayed in chatham. We had the most amazing oysters and wine on the veranda at chatham bars inn overlooking the picturesque anchored boats at sunset on the atlantic. it was perfect!

can't wait to share more!!


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