Friday, August 13, 2010

all about ikat

it all started in early spring when i saw the madeline weinrib pillows featured in lonny mag. it was time to redecorate and somehow i wanted to include ikat

i checked out the website and realized that abc home on 19th and broadway carried her line! i was thrilled. my mom came to visit and we added it to our long list of places to make it to while she was here.

and then i found out they weren't quite in my budget. of silly of me.

amanda nisbet house beautiful

then eddie ross did his window for bloomingdales. more ikat. this time quadrille. also a touch out of my budget due to the order minimum, and only to the trade. i contacted eddie to see if he had recommendations for other ikat fabrics. he and jaithan suggested calico corners. they definitely had some very good options, but not quite what i was looking for.

eddie ross

via a punch of color


antony todd

the search was on. it felt like every where i turned there was more ikat.

via architectural digest


tempting me.

being resourceful i jumped on ebay and found fabulous ikat fabric options that were much more affordable!

miles redd

i bid. i won...and a few weeks later my small package arrived from uzbekistan.

quadrille island ikat by john wiley

my mom made pillows for me and i couldn't be happier with them!

i was worried that the trend would soon be over, but i am still seeing it everywhere.

via anthropologie

via town and country

rita konig via nymag

via house beautiful

we are all about ikat.



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