Tuesday, August 31, 2010

room built for two

at one point i considered devising a plan to put two twin beds in our spare room...

but then i realized that was quite unrealistic as that room serves as the laundry room, the craft room, the sit in front of 4 computer screens for long hours room, the tear out magazine pages and lay them all over the floor room, the shut the door and pretend it isn't a disaster room, the put all the furniture you don't love in it and hope it works room, the pets room (yes, we have a fish), the out of season storage room, and last, but not least, the guest room.

via bunny williams for lonny

via lonny

via plush palate

we opted for a daybed with a trundle that tutu had instead, which is a much more space friendly option, but doesn't offer the symmetry and balance that is so harmonious with two identical twin beds.

turner pocock

astor courts via habitually chic


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  1. You know where you could find two identical twin beds? Erin and my room in Chesterfield, MO! :D Loving this!