Tuesday, August 24, 2010

big baubles

i wish i could be decked in house of lavande all day, everyday.

via house of lavande

all that glitters is gold for this vintage couture jewelry store. they have jewels and baubles that cover pretty much every significant era from the 20th century. over 10,000 pieces!

via house of lavande

tracy smith started this little venture five years ago in palm beach, florida.

via pbpulse

via house of lavande

she gets her goods from all over the globe from estate sales, flea markets, and private dealer stocks.

jessica alba via house of lavande blog

from beyonce, sarah jessica parker, to zooey deschanel, drew barrymore, jessica alba, to cameron diaz, (just to name a few)... they've all sported house of lavande jewels. and most of them more than a few times!

elizabeth banks via holblog

they can borrow, we have to buy. it is a touch on the expensive side, but some are such knock-your-socks-off statement makers, it may be worth it for your wedding day or another occasion in life where you want to make an entrance!

all jewelry images via house of lavande

i was this close to buying this necklace for my wedding. how stunning is turquoise with diamonds?

via weddings unveiled, august 2010 issue

i wanted to get something for each of my bridesmaids from here... couldn't swing it but it did inspire me to scour antique stores and online boutiques for some glam vintage pieces for each of them. i loved the way it turned out!

cameron diaz via life

your daughters and granddaughters will thank you with every purchase :)


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