Friday, August 6, 2010

palm fronds and pink and ice cream

summer summer summer. it's not over yet.

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jonathan adler's backyard deck in the hamptons

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i LOVE these stepping stones... little yard polka dots! i may or may not be trying this in my own backyard :)

i am loving all the cool, lush tropical greens and bright pink, with touches of orange.

i found this recipe on martha stewart... super simple. tried it with my own mix of flavors and LOVED it. perfect for the triple digit heat wave we have been having in kc.
via martha stewart

(my mom recently bought me an electronic ice cream maker. i have used it more times than i thought i would! so easy and i have homemade ice cream or sherbet or sorbet in only 30 minutes)


1. first i made homemade vanilla ice cream (with 2% milk and half & half to keep it a little lighter)

2. as that was in the freezer hardening up a bit, i went to the wal-mart grocery store. usually this is not where i buy groceries but i had their brand of sherbet and can't eat enough of it! i was all out at home, so i bought my 2 favorites, raspberry and peach. (seriously delicious)

3. i went home, let them sit on the counter to soften. i lined a loaf pan with plastic wrap and spooned in the peach sherbet. i put that in the freezer to harden (remember, this will be the top layer of your ice cream striped cake)

4. after 15 minutes, i repeated that process with the homemade vanilla, and then again with the raspberry sherbet.

5. i let that all freeze together for a couple of hours, it slices much much better the harder it gets.... and enjoyed.

the pink/white/orange layers looked and tasted so summery delicious.


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