Monday, August 16, 2010

the 50's and 60's for fall

i have been seeing hints of these iconic eras pop up here and there for fall. here are my two favorite editorials:
this first part is from elle sweden with model mona johannesson.
swingy skirts and sweaters.

images via elle sweden
now take a look at all this glamour from vogue australia's september issue. catherine mcneil is stunning.

more bold eyeliner, flowy skirts, and muted colors.

via vogue australia, september 2010 issue

i have been trying to grow my hair long again, but she makes me want to run right out and chop it off! maybe not, seeing how i don't have a team of vogue stylists to make it look like this every morning :)

nobody wants to see summer end... but after seeing these, i could start to think about it. i thought they were just beautiful. and very lady-like.


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