Friday, August 20, 2010

those canadians....

i have a bit of a design crush on samantha pynn. she had a show on hgtv called "pure design" that i loved.

but alas. she is a canadian and the us hgtv hasn't picked up her third season.

everything she does is eco-conscious. she re-purposes old furniture, only uses green materials when they are new and shops local. and she makes it look really really good.

in the two seasons i have watched, she has shown some great looking rooms with a little mix of traditional and modern, old and new.

there are a few canadians that i admire... more on those another day. i have come to the conclusion that they just really know their design stuff up there.

she does masculine and feminine just as easily, shown in the photo above and below.

all images via samantha pynn

i have her show saved on my dvr just in case, one day, our hgtv decides they want to pick her back up.

via hgtv

here's hoping.


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