Thursday, August 12, 2010

slim aarons obsession

so i have had this image in my files for i don't know how long. its no secret that i LOVE photography. especially when it's fabulous photography.

i searched all over trying to find the photographer/photo hanging above the breakfast nook clad in a cool yellow ikat. the pool, the view, the umbrella, the cocktails, the hair, the outfits, the ladies.... they ooze some serious 60's glamour.

i figured out the interiors were by palmer weiss and i emailed her... she writes back that it was a slim aarons photo. FINALLY i had gotten somewhere and had a name :)

i did a little more googling and found out he was a very lucky photographer from the 50's through the 80's. he went all over the world with the jet-set taking photos of them being... well, them. in the snow. in the sand. in the sun. at their fourth summer home in capri. he was essentially one of them so he got to go where they went, and he always brought his camera.

his motto was "photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places"

and that he did. his subjects were part of a time when smoking cigarettes and laying in the sun for hours didn't caused any damage to your health, where cocktails were never questioned after 10 am, where there were no cell phones and no emails waiting for you. life was leisurely, especially for the jet-set and it made for great photos.

i wanted to purchase one of these prints for my own home but found out here, that they were a little out of my price range.

all images via slim aarons

so then i found a few coffee table books and purchased this one:

" poolside with slim aarons" coffee table book

i love it. it indeed sits on my coffee table and i plan on removing a few and framing them in matching frames down my long and narrow hallway. i think it will be something fun to look at when there's snow on the ground!

hope you like his photos... lots to inspire here.



  1. Love this post! just found you through googling slim aarons...

  2. thanks for posting this! i too love slim aarons and wish to have a bit of his art, and now, thanks to you.. a book!! t.