Monday, August 23, 2010

the giant clam shell

elizabeth martin via elle decor

yes, i did spend the weekend at the beach, but didn't come across any of these big guys...

actually i didn't see any shells at all. although i have to say i was working harder on my tan and catching up on the latest shelter magazines than i was searching the hamptons beaches for shells.

after first seeing one of these on my friend david jiminez's site (you will soon learn i have a slight obsession with his homes and may have every photo on the site memorized) the hunt was on.

after a little internet research i came to learn these are known as tridacnidae, or the fluted giant clam, and are found in coral reefs of the south pacific and indian oceans.

they usually range in size from 14" to up to as large as 48" and can vary in pricing from $200-$1500 depending on age and size.

michael trapp via cote de texas

i think i could find just the right place for one.


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