Tuesday, July 30, 2013

would you leave it wood?

because i so would.

i've been in my house now for 4 years and while we've come a long way from where we started, there is still quite a bit of things i want to do to this house before we call her finished.
but now i'm at this point where i'm itching to move. to start over.
do i leave this house, with a face lift, just not a full reconstructive work up....
or do i stick it out for another 2 years and see her through?

prob going to stay.

but if i were looking for houses right about now, i'd probably be looking for wood paneling.

and who does that?


here's why:

it can be so funky good.
like here with that bright yellow velvet.
hell yes.

and with white.
oh with white.

or when you're over the darkness, you can still make it awesome before you paint it white!

what do you think?
would you just take it out or paint it?
or would you leave it or white wash it?


{images via: architectural digest, kelly wearstler, pinterest and pinterest, elle decor, country living mag, pinterest, pinterest again, and thom filicia's lake house}  


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