Wednesday, July 10, 2013

just a few things.

here are a few things that i've gathered from the instagram
in the past few days.

two things i want.
and one that is just plain pretty.

first up, these camo sneaks from target.
in the little boys section.
yes, i'm being serious.
and only $17.
going to get them at lunch.
(you can get them online for $19 here)

i think they'd make really rad photography-taking workin shoes.
with either some rolled skinnies or cut-offs.

(via @targetdoesitagain)

then these:

currently from calypso st. barth.
i'm on a mission to make that long light purple one. so cute.

and then i'll take either of those 2 beaded pendents on the right.
they aren't online but some other good ones are, here.

(via @taylorsterling)

now, this:

i really couldn't sleep last night.
like up from 1-5am couldn't sleep.

so i was creeping the internet and instagram.
i found @southsocialandhome.
she's working with emily henderson on that reception place they're re-doing.
i'm excited to see it unfold, bc i already love anything emily henderson touches but now i love this cute blonde, too! and i think they may like vintage as much as the other...
her name is dean and she blogs here. and her website here.

what i'm really trying to say, is that her amazing southern wedding was just featured on martha stewart and it's a good one you guys!!
gold sequin mini dresses for the maids, and hers is vintage!
no details were spared.
so pretty!!

you can read the martha bit here.
and see more their photos here.

i'm going to go take a nap on the conference room table now.
not really but i wish i could.

happy wednesday.


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