Friday, July 13, 2012

surf shack

so i had an entirely different post ready for today.
but it got moved til monday.

i have been in obsession with this little surf shack for about a year now and i thought it was high time to share it with you all in the off chance that you haven't seen it yet.
and if you have, too bad. i don't care. here it is again.

an australian turned new yorker/ad exec decided he missed the outdoors of his home and purchased this property in montauk.

it's not your usual hoity toity hamptons beach house.

this one is quiky with a capital q.

{and if i had a surf shack to call my own, this is exactly exactly EXACTLY how i'd want it to look.}

with teepees and firepits. and old rickety lawn chairs.
where the more color and pattern equals the better option, always. neons, you betcha.
where surfing and outdoor living/dining/sleeping trump high tea and stuffy interiors, and movies are played on a giant white sheet amongst the mosquitoes.

where wood panneling that would normally appall anyone, is not only embraced but awesome.
where friends and family can come by the dozens and not have to worry about wet suits and dirty feet.
where old vanities and old sinks aren't ripped out but loved.
with couples sleeping in bunk beds, together or separate, i don't care.
and summer cocktails are served with breakfast.

where bees live:

and honey harvested:

and cheesey pick-up lines are painted on all the mirrors:

nothing is sacred in this place. and you know it took a ton of money to get it to look this way, but it kinda looks like it all could have come from the flea market at the very same time.

husband always tells me:
"if you were a booger, i'd pick you"

{he's so romantic.}

but that would FOR SURE end up on a mirror in my dream surf shack.
hell, i'm tempted to paint one in my current house. tonight!



{all these images came from nytimes or vogue living}

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