Monday, July 2, 2012

weekend progress.

this weekend i had high hopes of finishing my settee for the kitchen.
unfortunately i also had 37 other things on my to-do list and didn't get that far.

remember i just purchased this fabric for it, to go swimmingly in my pink kitchen. 

but here's how she started:

i got it from a consignment store a year ago, and the upholstery was perfect. just not cute.

so i started removing the arms so i could get at the gold fish scales.

and this where i had to stop friday after work. we had junk to go do, so i had to quit.

did a little more saturday afternoon:

i was starting to get rill excited. then i had more junk to go do and had to quit again.

and here's where we ended last night:
(took these this morning.)

{almost} ta da!!
i really like this fabric.

you can almost see it,
just squint a little.

i'm hoping to finish her up tonight.
fingers crossed.
the seat took me the longest because it required some sewing and i'm still moderately a beginner in that arena. there were a few try-and-re-tries. so i'm hoping the seat-back and the very back go faster-- no sewing necessary!

did you have a good weekend?
i kinda did. it was fun and productive.
those 2 things don't often mix and mingle for me and my weekends.



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