Tuesday, July 10, 2012

baseball tee circa 2006

the other day sydney, of the day book blog,
posted how the quintessentially-summer baseball tee is a major part
of her summer wardrobe.

she gave three examples of how she sports it:
(pun intended. har har)

i love her mixing and almost non-matching, and find her style quite similar to my own.
i take that back, i find her style to be similar to what mine is in my head. it doesn't always come out the way it's planned.

then it had me thinking about one of the first times out of college when i went to visit jo and elle in ny. i had this crazy idea that i wanted to sport a head scarf. so we found a bright pink floral scarf and i proceeded to wear it on my head. in all the wrong ways. there are so many more, cooler-for-sure ways to wear said head scarf... but i digress.

that same night, elle wore her very own baseball tee out with me.

(she's going to kill me)
but i looked through a bajillion of my old photos last night and found it:

so ahead of the trends. well, at least she was ;)

happy tuesday.


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  1. I always loved baseball tees! Back in the 80's.. they were the thing to wear! Glad their back!