Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a lady

nothing could make you feel more like a lady than a gorgeous (GORGEOUS) silk gown, with a fierce up-do, and a pair of heels.

well, maybe except walking down a cobblestone street with steve mcqueen, who's done up in a tux and bowtie.

and a healthy dose of kissing.

against a wall on said cobblestone street...
with steve mcqueen.

the thomas crown affair is one of my favorite movies, both the old one (faye dunaway with steve mcqueen) and the recent one (with pierce brosnan and rene russo).

both of the ladies new how to be a lady.
and dress! like one too.

i bet they also knew how to live like one. 

here's to being a lady.


{interiors via: jeffrey bilhuber, reality and whimsy, simple everyday glamour, and pinterest}

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