Thursday, July 12, 2012

minty-aqua for your ears.

the other night emily, from the bachelorette, had lots of beachy dates.

usually she's a little more flashy-blingy than i would normally go for...
but the other night, she wore a gorge maxi in shades of orange, coral and purple. i tried looking for a pic online but no luck.

the thing that caught my attention most-- she wore mint earrings with that dress. totally unexpected. totally didn't "go," but it went. oh it went.

the earrings looked sort of amrita singh-esque to me.
there aren't a ton of true mint options out there, which surprised me.
but there are lots of minty/aqua goodness to be purchased.

and here's how you could wear them
a la emily:

minty aqua earrings #1

French Connection striped dress, $365 / Alice + Olivia long maxi dress, $195 / Warehouse straw clutch, $34 / Gold necklace / Amrita Singh gold plated jewelry / Nickel free jewelry

minty aqua earrings #2

i especially love the that brown dress. with the bag. and the studs.


while we're on the topic of the bachelorette,
i'd just like to say that i love this season.
she's getting alot of crap for being nice and well, anti-slutty.

i think it's a breath of fresh air.
this show was turning into one big skank-fest before her (but don't get me wrong, i still liked it).

but i'm glad her daughter is apart of it.
i'm glad she's polite.
i'm glad she's a lady.
i'm glad she says thank you and shows manners.
i'm glad she kicked off the d-bags and crazies for being exactly what they are.
i like her.

and from day one, my 2 favorites were jef and ari.

bam. final 2.

now i sort of almost don't care who wins!

who am i kidding. i'm obsessed with jef and i hope he swoops in for the win.

on minty earrings? or comments from fellow team-jef-ers?




  1. LOVE this blog!! The earrings Emily was wearing on Monday are the Stella & Dot Capri Chandelier Earrings!! You can shop her fabulous look at

  2. yeah mint and navy are one of my favorite combos! apparently mint looks fab with everything. yeah if she choses ari, i will think its a joke. all they do is make out and she talks about how hott he is. go jef!!

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