Monday, July 30, 2012


one of these things has nothing to do with the other.
they are just things i'm digging right now.

like my kitchen.
i made some progress with it this weekend.
like hanging some art:

and i am 100% fully aware that this is a tease.
and that i keep promising you things-- like a showing of my pink kitchen, or my newly upholstered settee.
(there she is... she's been done for weeks now. and we use her. and we love her.)
more here. here. here. here. and here.

i am 78% completed with the kitchen and i promise you by friday there will be photos.
along with a list of what's left to do.
scout's honor. (although i was never an official girl scout.)
so i guess i just promise promise.

this is the most effortlessly cool saturday morning summer outfit i've seen thus far.

long dress, for those not-freshly-shaven-legs.
a hat for bedhead.
sunnies for smeared morning make-up.

want it want it want it.

this bar, via design sponge, is so well put together.
and color coordinated!
mine looks half as cool.

i need to work on it.

cool people have cool bars.

and summer fruit.

been eating my face full.
and i think i'm making this tonight.

happy monday.


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