Friday, July 27, 2012

coming around.

there are 2 things trending right now that i was not very fond of in the beginning.

waterfall hemlines
cropped tops.

but i think i'm coming around.

the cropped tops are so vintage-retro and perfect done in a tropical print or polka dot.
as for the waterfalls, i'm a bigger fan the longer the hemline gets.
like this maxi skirt for instance:
waterfall skirt

Bustier top, $16 / High waisted skirt, $195 / Converse shoes, $61 / Madewell flat sandals / House of Harlow 1960 stud earrings / Juicy Couture jewelry / Gray t shirt
done 2 ways.
one more casual.
and the other, more summer-festive.
i would do both!
what do you think?
are you already a fan of these styles?

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