Wednesday, July 18, 2012

wedding weekend.

did your wedding fly by? go way to fast? wish it could have lasted longer?
mine, too.

this particular couple wanted all that to linger as long as they could...

so they rented out the entire ace hotel in palm springs.
for 4 days.
for all their friends and family.

on thursday night, they had a swanky bourbon and bow ties party to kick off the weekend and welcome everyone in.

friday morning they had a special and intimate ceremony in the dessert with just their closest friends and family...

and came back to this:

a giant pool party.

and the addition of those hundreds of black and white beach balls = perfect.
anything en masse makes it a while lot more special. 3 beach balls just wouldn't have cut it.

the next day, they just wanted to host a giant dinner and dance party. 

again, the mass of balloons... awesome.

and then finally:

the wedding.

with more dinner.
more drinks.
and lots more dancing.

there was even a local marching band thrown in for good measure.

seriously, do you wish you were invited as much as i do?
what a great party.
what a great long weekend!
how special for them, their friends, and their family.

i only shared a fraction of the details and pretty shots
{taken by my idol, max wanger}

you can find more over at 100 layer cake.
they had 3 separate posts to cover the whole thing.
the first.
the second.
the third.

go check it out.



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