Monday, July 30, 2012

go for gold!

are you enjoying the olympics?

i am.
i love this stuff.

spent alot of time lounging on my couch watching them this weekend.
did you know the perfect combination of archery, table tennis and womens soccer makes for an excellent sleeping pill?
i took not one, but two naps this weekend! that never happens.

and it was perfect.

i get just as excited watching some of these events, as i would for college basketball and my jayhawks!

did you see the men's 4x100m relay last night?
that was a doozy.


it's inspiring things like these:

kinda cute.

and not only did i spend my time watching the olympics, i also made my first pair (ever) of cut-off jean shorts. always bought them before.

never knew how satisfying it was to take a pair of scissors to a pair of jeans while you were wearing them!

hope you're enjoying your day.


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