Friday, July 20, 2012

soak it up.

summer is half over.
i feel like it goes by so much faster than it did when i was a kid.
i turn around and its july 20th.

i had a realization this morning as i was running.
i usually run to music but i turned it off.
i just listened to summer as i went along.

birds. lawn mowers. sprinklers. the breeze.

i made a vow to myself to take control over the last half of summer so it doesn't slip right on by like the first half did.

i want to go to the pool more.

make fruity cocktails and drink them with bright straws and umbrellas.

head to the ocean.

stop saying it's too hot.
sure, it's 108 outside but come january, i'm going to wish for a little more of this.

play more games.

i wanna wear more dresses.

more hats.

get a little more tan.

take deep breaths.

listen to the wind. and the birds and all those summer sounds. more.

i wanna take more photos.

i want to eat outside more.

take a road trip.

stop at the fruit stands along the side of the highway.

eat more fruit. more peaches!

worry less.

be colorful.

think happy thoughts.

remember the same feelings summer used to give me when i was a little kid.

sit on more patios.

go night swimming. at least twice.

take my dog to the dog park and let her go swimming in the lake more.

go to the lake more.

laugh more.

smell the smell of sunscreen.

worry about work a smidge less. it will be here tomorrow.

listen to children laughing.

feel the sun. let it warm me up.

take more walks at night and more runs in the morning.

hang out with my husband. outside.

listen to my music a smidge too loud.

go barefoot.

and thank God for summer.

who's with me?

i'm taking back summer!

happy friday.
now go outside.



{all images via anthropologie, tumblr or pinterest}

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