Tuesday, July 31, 2012

lavender moment.

it's my jam right now.

but my lavender moment is more like a lavender extended period.

yes those are my toes.
{and no, nobody ever accused me of having pretty feet...}
but i have been sporting lavender toe nails for months now. like, since april.
i just really like them. when they get chippy, i repaint.

so there's that.

but what i am really vying for are some lavender jeans.

and here are 2 options.

paige denim (they're on sale!) and old navy.
2 different prices, one great pair of jeans.

and these, in my opinion, can be worn through the end of summer, straight on into fall and winter.

gettin some.

i will change my nail polish when i wear these, however :)


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