Wednesday, August 1, 2012


do you ever have those songs that make you aware you're alive?

they fill you up with so much feeling- just by the tune, or the lyrics, or both.
sometimes a song can make tears come.
not because it's sad, not because i'm sad...

they just come.

a song can make a feeling in my stomach that i can't describe.
that only comes when i'm supremely happy.

there are lots of songs that do that to me.
each. and. every. single. time.

"blood" by the middle east did it for me the first time i heard it at the end of crazy stupid love... (a movie in it's own right that brought tears to my eyes. i love that movie. see it!)

i rewound the end, and listened to it over and over and over.

then the other day i was over at the blog of our labor of love...
(who usually capture images that can too, move me to tears. they are my idol.)

and i watched this video done by shark pig.


and not only was it playing my song,
this wedding was filled with so much love and character and feeling.

i had tears in my eyes.

tears for them. and how happy they are.
tears for me and how happy i am (super mushy, i know).

just feelings.


sorry to get so sappy on you lovely people.

i hope you have a really good day.



  1. I did the exact same thing with Crazy Stupid Love! "Blood" is still my morning subway song (on repeat).