Tuesday, August 21, 2012

my little hero

over the weekend my sweet friend had a baby shower for her first little baby nugget.
it's a girl and she's due here in a few weeks.

i found these super bunnies on pinterest and almost died. they were everything... the most adorable super hero i've seen to date.

so i followed the link back to the website of the woman who makes these sweet little bunnies. i wanted to get one for baby-on-the-way.

well. turns out that she's a french super bunny and i couldn't read her website... in french.

so next option-- i thought i might try to make my own little super hero.

and i did.

and here she is:

with the cutest little pink knit stockings. ever.

(they were made from a sweater dress i had in my closet. this dress was one of my favorite things but it got a giant unfixable snag in it, and i never could bring myself to throw it away. so now it lives on in super hero form. and that makes me happy.)

and cape.

i was so nervous to give her this super bunny.
seriously, as she was opening it up my stomach was doing flips and my cheeks turned red.

i didn't want it to look too hokey and homemade.
but she loved it, and everyone else did, too.
and that's all that matters.

sorry i was mia yesterday,
i was at a very long, very boring work show.

(and sorry for the bad phone pics.)



  1. And FYI your friend having the baby (moi) LOVES the super bunny, I can't wait for my daughter to play with her:) You are the craftiest friend I have thank you thank you!!

  2. Darling Jill! Looks a lot like the Bla Bla dolls my kids have loved.

  3. I just got a little choked up. That's how much I love your super bunny and the fact that you made it! So sweet and meaningful to your friend I'm sure. I want one for myself. Seriously.

    1. Thanks emily! That means a lot. This is so bizarre, but I just found your blog today because of your amazing snake skin parsons shelves. They're amazing and I love your blog! You have yourself a new follower :)

      Seriously. What a small world.