Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the look for less.

i'm back!
we didn't get internet at work until last night around 9.
turns out it wasn't our server, it was something something something (i have no idea what i'm talking about), but our entire city block was out and at&t was running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
bad visual. but it gets the job done.
they! got the job done.
try working without the internet. it's like working in the dark. honest.

back to our regularly scheduled programming.......

wallpaper is expensive.

but you can get the same look for a little bit less!

i obsess over this room.
like obsess.

i love the black. i love how it's big girl pattern in a little girl's space.
i love how sophisticated it is for a kid but black polka dots bring it right back down a smidge. it's a little unexpected, but i've come to find that i am a #1 fan of the unexpected.

so yeah.
this might be happening in the future if i have a daughter.
more than probable, actually.
it'll happen.

{i'm screaming}


sanderson sweet bay magnolia wallpaper.

it's a paper made in the uk. i found it online anywhere from $50-60 a roll. (not terrible, but for a room the size of above, there will be lots and lots of rolls.....)

but it's gorgeous and if you can swing it, by all means swing it!

unless you can sleuth out these 2 almost identical (actually, i like one of them better!!) for less:

(this one, i like this one better! throws a bit of pinky-lavender into the mix.)

ashford house, #YV9001.
found it online for about $30 a roll.
that's half folks. half the cost of the sanderson paper.
and it's SO PRETTY, TOOOOO!!!

and then there's this one:

strikingly similar to sanderson, no?

york green black AD8202, magnolia vine.
found it between $90 (yikes) and $35 online, per roll.

then we come to the wildly popular, blogged about to death, cole and sons hummingbirds in aqua.
so dreamy, ethereal and whimsical-ly.

and this room below, God i love it with those bright orange/red josef albers prints.
it's good.

cole and sons, hummingbirds in aqua.
this paper will set you back between $115-150 a roll online.

but then thibaut comes up with their similar but everybit as whimsical rendition:

thibaut augustine paper, top in aqua and below in the blue coloway.

this baby will run you around $85 a roll. better than cole and sons, but still not super affordable.

 but it's just so cute!

so like i said, if you can swing it, by all means, swing it!!

i've died and gone to wallpaper heaven with that black magnolia stuff up there.
i'm smitten.


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