Thursday, August 9, 2012

crazy pretty.

it legitimately hasn't rained here for more than a few seconds in 2 months.
until last night, right in the middle of one of my senior photog sessions.
perfect timing, right?

but it didn't just rain, it unloaded.
with a little hail, and a whole lotta lightning.
so we had to cut it in half to resume at a later date...

but on my way home,

this was the sight to the left of my car:

and this was the sight to the right:

the most crazy beautiful, bubble looking clouds mixing with the sunset,
and a FULL double rainbow.

i saw the start, the middle and the end of this rainbow and it was so vivid and bright!

i'm just sharing because i feel like i'm still 6 on the inside sometimes, and that rainbow made me smile like a nutty 6 yr. old girl who also happens to like glittery sprinkles and unicorns.


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