Monday, August 27, 2012

remember this one?

from domino.

images like these make me want to be totally fearless when it comes to color.

it's hard.
you know it.
i know it.

some people just get it, and know how to be totally fearless.
miles redd and nick olsen are 2 of those people and i think that's the reason i'm such a fan.

husband was gone all weekend and it made me spend alot of alone time with my house.
when that happens, i start analyzing things, rearranging, re-thinking.

as we stand, i now have plans to re-paint my front room. the-so-dark-its-almost-black navy has had a really great run. but it's time.

i have plans for a new bathroom color. and art. and flooring.

i have 2 chairs in my front room that need re-upholstering. i wanna go bold. domino green-and-yellow-toile-kitchen bold.

kinda want to paint all the doors in my all white hallway something. black... mousey-gray-tan? don't know but i think it could rock.

and i want to paint my front door again.

see why i shouldn't spend that much alone time with my house?
gets expensive!

happy monday.


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