Wednesday, August 22, 2012

mirror mirror on the...

so months and months and months ago,
i saw and pinned this pic from pinterest.

i didn't know where it came from or who it was,
or where to purchase them....

 but i was in love with her shoes.

they are still above and beyond my favorites.

but then i also found these on pinterest too.
(again, don't know where these come from...)

and now my interest was peeked.

shoes so shiny they are like mirrors!

little google search later and i found us some options!
some affordable, some so very not affordable, but still beautiful.

1- dries van noten, mirror metallic pumps.
2- etta cap toe metallic pumps.
3- gianvito rossi gold metallic pumps.
4- j.crew's version.
5- top shop's version.
6- giuseppe zanotti.
7- gianvito's again. 

and don't look now, but your bambino's can join in on the fun:
from zara.

just make sure you either 1- wear pants, or 2- really cute undergarments :)



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