Thursday, August 2, 2012

it's here!

hong kong squeaked in for the win!

{sorry i have olympics on the brain.
that's all i watch now.}

in fact, this necklace is so big and beefy, i feel like it's my own little medal of sorts.
wait, would that make it a medal for being-too-cheap-to-buy-the-real-one-so-you-settle-for-an-ebay-knock-off...

scratch that, it's my medal for saving-mucho-dinero!!!!!!!


well, my perfect little ebay knock-off got here yesterday.
you might have gathered that by my new widget down there in the right corner.
i've been updating the ol blog. lots more changes to come!!

back to my necklace.
here's a really really really lame photo of myself sporting (pun intended)
my new cobalt bubble necklace through the bathroom mirror.

{i don't know how all those fashion bloggers do it without feeling like a total boob. seriously.}

its so lovely.
i love it.

the color- i was so extremely happy with when i opened my little package from hong kong yesterday. it's blue. like the purest, brightest cobalt blue.

the gold isn't shiny, it's more matte.
and i can't tell if that's how it's supposed to be, or because it's a cheap knock-off...
but i think if it were shiny it would have looked in fact, cheap.

so all in all.

quite pleased.

in fact, i'm going back for more.
the blush pink one is calling my name.

there are quite a few of you who also got yourself one.
can't wait to hear what you think of em when they get here.

happy thursday.



  1. Love it! I wear mine all the time! Liking your thoughts for the blush pink...

  2. Yes! So glad it arrived - hope that means mine is right around the corner, due to arrive any day now. I ordered the blush & will let you know how I like it. So excited!

  3. umm I just bought the pink one:) thanks for the tip!

  4. Been scoping them out since I saw it on your cool to actually see it on you. Love it. I found some on Etsy too, I think I am going for the turquoise one. Thanks for the tip and inspiration. Xo

  5. Jill, mine arrived Friday & it is GLORIOUS! So happy I went w/the blush pink (altho I'm coveting that turquoise one, too - hmmmm...). Very happy now & cannot wait to wear it - oh what fun! Thanks so much for the tip. What else ya got?

  6. my yellow one arrived yesterday - woohoo! mildly obsessed.

    thanks for sharing!