Monday, August 13, 2012


[read in your best jersey accent, please:]

buddery swoft leathuh.

[end accent now.]

but i'm not going to lie, kinda looking forward to some cooler weather
so i can implement some leather into my post-summer-early-fall wardrobe.

all of these perfect examples of still warm but a little chilly outfits.

how do i want to add it in with my other stuff you ask?

with leather shirts:
maje metallic leather tee, net-a-porter

and skirts of
karl saatchi pleated faux leather mini

and even some


pleather and waxed denim are 1- much cheaper than the real junk
and 2- more animal friendly.

now. i love myself some fur, but i buy those vintage so i'm not killing new animals...

but leather.
it's just so soft and supple.

but i will make an effort to try to do the waxed/pleather thing over the real stuff.

happy monday.


{images via: cupcakes and cashmere, pinterest, wit and delight}

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