Friday, August 31, 2012

aqua y gold.

i got nowhere on my cart last night.

my uncle is in town. he's a global traveler/dweller.
he's now living in norway.
just moved from australia.
before that here.
before that, grenada.
before that, south africa.
and he's originally from the uk.

and i'm missing stuff in there, too i'm sure.

anyway we were hanging with him last night.

lucky for me, there's a long weekend ahead... perfect for projects.

totally unrelated, but isn't this color combo kinda gorgeous?

i hope you all enjoy your weekend.

think i'm headed to the lake.
that hurricane is now hanging over us and it's not forcasted to lighten up until sunday or monday.
but rainy days at the lake can be fun, too.



{images via the decorista and pinterest}

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