Friday, August 17, 2012

marble walls. one way or another.

big fan.

anyway you want it. you can have it.

the expensive stuff coming from the earth:

(the marion house book)

or you can just use it in paper form:

this one from a long time ago:

(coco +kelley)

and this one!!

from lonny's recent issue.

i love this junk. especially with the skull and the cream band of tile over the white.
perfection in my opinion.

she used the same paper i bought awhile ago and framed.
it's not expensive, around $5 a sheet. and they're pretty large.

i bet the whole bathroom couldn't have cost her more than $100 in supplies.
waaaaay cheaper than any other wallpaper.

and it looks hot.

i'm thinking you could also do this in a kitchen for a backsplash and just place a piece of plexi over it for protection. or just one wall in your kitchen or bathroom.

and if you wanted it to look even more like marble, you could cut it up into uniform squares or rectangles and lay it in a brick pattern... lots of options!

jenny komenda even used it to line the outside of a cheap plastic waste bin.

happy friday.


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